If you want to download the BEM acoustics toolbox you have to register or to log-in. It is absolutely free and helps us keeping track of download and usage statistics. Details will never be shared with a third-party. Thanks for your support!

You find a link to download a zipped release of the BEM acoustics toolbox with and without example data  here (only if you are logged in):  

Software requirements

  • MATLAB: Using the GUI for the BEM acoustics toolbox MATLAB release R2010a and above is required. But using just the core BEM functions much older versions should work fine.
    For the BEM acoustics GUI the GUI Layout Toolbox by Ben Tordoff is beeing used.
    The included version is for MATLAB release R2014a and earlier. If you are using MATLAB R2014b or later please use the new version here:

    I can not test if this version works together with the BEMacoustics toolbox because I’m still working with R2013b. So please give feedback how it works out. Using the script only (without GUI) should work fine with any new version of MATLAB.

License agreement

The BEM acoustics toolbox is published under the GNU General Public License. This is a copyleft license for general use, which means that derived works can only be distributed under the same license terms.

The developers are pleased to receive bug reports, bug-fixes or useful code which can contribute to the project.

Third party packages